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Fire, Smoke & Odor Damage

Bethlehem Smoke DamageSmoke and odor damage can be a result of many different things, such as a fire, oil burner puff back or gas fire place malfunction.  The residue and odors left behind can be difficult to remove due to its penetration and absorption into building materials and contents.  We have the knowledge, resources, products and equipment to remove these stubborn odors.


During a fire, smoke can penetrate wall cavities and other parts of your structure, where it becomes trapped.  If not properly removed odors can reoccur from time to time.  We use many different types of deodorizing procedures and will determine which to use based on your situation.
Bethlehem Fire Damage

Fire, Smoke & Odor Restoration services include:

  • itemized estimates
  • inventory of non-salvageable items (upon request)
  • debris removal and clean-up
  • pack-out and storage of contents
  • structure and content cleaning
  • carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • ozone, hydroxyl and deodorization
  • electronic cleaning and restoration
  • duct cleaning
  • dry cleaning – drapery, etc.
  • rebuilding
  • interior and exterior painting
  • wet and dry fogging methods
  • odor absorbing crystals
  • HEPA air scrubbers – removes airborne particles with 99.97% efficiency

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